Nordic organic health foods, Boreal forests, The Archipelago - experience the best of Finland at Bosgård manor

Welcome to Bosgård organic farm on the Baltic Sea coast! During their stay here our guests get to see, hear, eat and above all spiritually feel ways in which to live in harmony with their environment. If you have this knowledge and feeling of harmony, your happiness and quality of life improves, and it is easier to make the right choices in life. Such harmony in mind and body is stressed also in ancient Chinese philosophy – a sign that the needs of all people, Chinese or Finnish, are fundamentally the same!

Recent studies have evaluated Finnish people as being amongst the happiest in the world. Although part of this happiness is undoubtedly due to generally good standard of living, a big part of Finnish happiness is the availability of high quality natural surroundings and clean foods to all citizens – many of which you can gather in nature yourself. Finnish people spend a lot of time outdoors, away from screens, TVs and city life. During your stay here you will do the same!

Even if local choices and options for sustainable and harmonious living vary from one climate and environment to another, the essential spirit of wanting and needing to respect nature is common to all cultures. Here at Bosgård you will see how things are done in N Europe, but will for sure recognise common features also to your own country. We encourage you during your stay to share with us your own knowledge and experiences!

An essential part of healthy living and spiritual balance is to walk regularly in nature, to benefit from organic farming and to gather plants, berries and mushrooms in sufficient quantities also for the winter. The Finnish harsh winter climate means that salting, curing, drying, sugaring and smoking has always been part of life here. Depending on the season, you will witness and prepare some of these foods. We provide recipes and travel notes for all your experiences while here.

We encourage you to wear comfortable leisure clothes during your stay. Relax, enjoy and feel free to ask the staff for any help you may need.

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Visiting Bosgård: ½-day programmes, private tours, meals and more

At Bosgård you can stop for a meal, an afternoon – or a week! See below for full details of all options.

Bosgård programme modules are mostly half day programmes that take either one morning + lunchtime or one afternoon + dinner. The modules can be combined together for a longer holiday in any order, subject to our reservation situation. Note that 5 out of our 8 group module choices are available all year round.

All quoted prices include Finnish taxes. If you are a tour operator, please click here.

Modules do not have reductions for children except where separately indicated. Our modules are not generally designed for small children, approx. under 8 years or so. In some indicated cases modules are suitable for adults only.

We carry out the outdoor programmes in most weather. In case of extremely adverse conditions the programme will be modified to take this into account, but will not be cancelled. We reserve the right to change the details of any module at short notice if circumstances dictate this as necessary. 

We can carry out several modules concurrently: If your group is larger than our maximum group activity size, consider booking two different ½-day modules. Or for a full day’s activities we will split the group and they will do both modules, changing halfway.

Accommodation, sauna and transport options available. Please inquire for further details.

Please note that if a group is not fully booked we reserve the right to combine groups for tours.

All prices include Finnish VAT. Our payment and cancellation terms are here: Conditions of Sale

Further inquiries and bookings:, or tel. +358 400 513 410.

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