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4. Archipelago, seafood and organic vegetables

Season: March-October

Group size: Max. 60 persons


10-14 persons


15-20 persons


21-30 persons
31-40 persons
41-50 persons
51-60 persons

*Note: supplementary fee for bus if group does not have own transport
Private tours available

Total duration: ca. 3½ hours

Description: We take a short bus ride* to the coast and cross to Pellinki island on the 5-minute ferry journey. On Pellinki we meet fisherman Rikhard Tillman, whose family have fished the Baltic Sea for generations. Rikhard will demonstrate traditional fish salting and curing techniques, after which we will eat a superb traditional fish meal right on the pier house. In the summer season we will make a stop to ourselves dig some organic vegetables from nearby Kardrag organic farm. In spring and autumn we visit Ahlberg organic greenhouses. 

Who is this suitable for: All ages and group types.

Other info: For smaller group sizes, this trip combines well with an optional 1-hour archipelago cruise (see below for details)

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