Olemme juhannuksena kiinni 21-23.6

Travel advice


Finland is at the same latitude as Alaska: customers are advised to bring warm clothing, rainproof outdoor clothes and comfortable outdoor rainproof shoes at all times of the year. Bring at least one change of dry clothes in case you get wet: land-based excursions will be carried out whatever the weather! Also needed are separate slippers, thick socks or indoor shoes for being inside. Bosgård will provide rubber boots if necessary.

From June to September bring mosquito repellent if you are sensitive to bites. Finnish mosquitoes do not carry diseases.

For the archipelago excursion sunglasses and a hat are essential. Both are useful on all excursions in hot weather in summer. If you are easily seasick, bring seasickness medicine for the boat journey, though conditions are usually easy.

Physical fitness and boats

We will be walking approximately 4 km per day on both land-based programme days. Virtually all terrain is flat, with only a few small hills to ascend and descend. Walking pace is slow and we will make stops along the route. Our tours are not suitable for people unable to walk such distances with ease.

Our archipelago tours generally encounter only light waves, but sensitive people should take seasickness medication as a precaution. We carry out the excursions in all weathers, but the boat tour cannot be realised in high winds.


We guide our foreign visitors’ tours in English. Groups are expected to provide their own interpreter if needed. We cannot guarantee that we can provide local interpreters, especially at short notice. Please ask for help with interpreting at least 3 months in advance.


Our tours are designed for adults; we do not recommend them for children less than 13 years of age.

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